treatments and rates

Jikiden Reiki Energy Massage

This holistic treatmRed Lotusent requires space in time. Allow the Reiki energy to flow and generate a harmonious feeling of relaxation.

Treatment of 1 hour and 1/2                      Rate  90 €

Treatment of 1 hour                                      Rate 60 €


Jikiden Reiki -AS YOU GO- cardWaterlilies, Azores

This two hour treatment card, enables you to effortlessly pursue your Reiki experience, or treat with regularity a specific problem.
As best suits you, the card can be used for either two treatments of one hour, or four treatments of half an hour and is a valid for a month.
 Can be used for :
2 times 1 hour treatment or 4 times 1/2 hour treatment        Rate  120 €
November – December PROMOTION  !!!
             for 100 €

Australian Bush Flower Essence

The Australian Bush Flower Essence is founded by Ian White, an Australian Naturopath and fifth generation herbalist.

Sturt Desert Pea, Australian Bush Flower Essence

Australia, a continent relatively unpolluted, with very wise and old energy, has flowering plants that has extraordinary beauty and unique wisdom in helping people address the challenges of our times.

The Australian bush plants are 67 flowers  with a unique healing power that helps people address today’s life challenges. Flowers Remedies have been used for centuries as a system of healing and these Australian Bush Flower have the subtle energy supports very naturally  the healing process of a Reiki treatment.

For an Australian Bush Flower Essences consultation and personalized Bush Flower composition                                                                                                Rate: 20 €

For a renewal, including consultation:                                                           Rate: 15 €